Easy Entry™

 Computer Needs Inc. has created an amazing report tracking system that allows us..... 
Dr. Vir Sennik - Partner

Developed specifically for Mortgage Brokers who use MorWEB as their backend processing system.  Easy Entry™ saves time and effort required for manual re-entry of data from traditional sources like Email, faxes, Paper forms or other electronic media.  Your clients can now enter their personal data safely and securely on a web form and the data transfers over to MorWEB at the click of a button.  All common data validations are performed on the data at the point of entry so you don’t have to chase after clients for missing or corrupt data. Visit www.easyentry.ca  or call us to see how the process works. We will promptly set up a test account for you to review the system functionality.

Loans Manager

Loans Manager is a web based software application for Lenders to manage all aspects of a loan. This application manages not only loans that a Lender gives to clients, but also manages loans that a Lender gets from Investors. Loans Manager has been designed to caters for many of the day to day functions associated with managing loans e.g.
  • The creation of loans.
  • The approval processes between Managers and staff.
  • The generation of loan agreements.
  • Creation of amortization schedules.
  • Manage both accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Tracking overdue accounts.
  • Applying penalties and calculating interest owed.
  • Pre-authorized debits (PADs) through the Royal bank and TD bank.
Call us and we will gladly set up a demo of the application for you to evaluate the process for yourself.


CNI is a registered services provider for SmartSimple’s Medical Case Management solution. This is a powerful solution is used by many Insurance companies and their related Independent Medical Examiners  (IMEs) to streamline the workflow and processes associated with managing insurance claims. At the same time, the information associated with these claims can be securely and easily exchanged between appropriate internal staff and external parties. Once you see the benefits of implementing the application within in your own medical evaluation center, you will truly never want to deal in hard-copy paper documents. The application is fully web based and you can be up and running within a very short space of time.
Talk to us to see how we have helped other IMEs improve their productivity and manage their assessments with minimal up front costs.